Wild12 Ginger Mugwort CBD Salve (300mg)

Wild12 Ginger Mugwort CBD Salve (300mg)

野拾二薑艾CBD軟膏 (300mg)



  • 極速消炎
  • 舒解放鬆僵硬及繃緊筋肌皮膚
  • 筋肌痛症:腹痛、腰背或腰骶疼痛、肩頸疼痛、肌肉痠痛或繃緊等多種痛症

  • 胃腸疾患:胃脹、反胃、胃痛、噯氣頻等

  • 月經不調:如經行腹痛、腰痛;經行不暢等


以中西合壁配方,生薑、艾葉(溫經散寒、通絡止痛)、CBD (強大消炎效能)等調製,不油膩,不含類固醇,氣味清芳。












WILD12 Ginger Mugwort CBD Salve (300mg)



  • Instant Relief of Inflammatory condition
  • Relaxation of Sore, Tired or Stressed Muscles, Joints and Skin
  • Muscle and Joint Pain: Bellyache, Back and Lumbosacral Sprain, Shoulder and Neck Pain, Sore or Tighten Muscle etc

  • Stomach and Intestines Discomfort: Irregular Bowel Movement, Stomachache and Bloat

  • Menstruation Discomfort: Debilitating Cramps , Inflammation and Pain Relief


Combining formula from Oriental and Western. Ginger and Mugwort for circulation of energy channel and pain relief; and CBD for inflammatory property. Non-Greasy, Steroid-Free, Refreshing Fragrance.


Using everyday with massaging the Acupuncture Point or Hot Compressing, and letting the salve to infiltrate in order to improve regulation of Energy Channel and Vigour.


Product Of Hong Kong, Imported CBD raw material from United States. 


How to use:

Apply a thin layer to affected area 2-3 times a day, or as needed. Thoroughly massage into painful area until fully absorbed. Wash hands with soap and water after applying.



External use only. Keep away from children. Pregnant, nursing woman and children below 12 years old please consult with physician before use. Avoid damaged skin and mucous membranes. May cause allergic reaction on some skin types, Test on small area before use.

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