Wild12 ‘Being’ CBD Coffee Drip Bags 15g (12mg)

Wild12 ‘Being’ CBD Coffee Drip Bags 15g (12mg)

野拾二 '當下’CBD珈琲掛耳包

分量:15g/12mg CBD






Wild12 ‘Being’ CBD Coffee Drip Bags 

Quantity: 15g/12mg CBD per pack


Wild12 is the first life shop in Hong Kong to make CBD soaked coffee Beans. They have professional baristas carefully select Coffee beans, using CBD raw materials imported from the United States and GMP certified. In order to maintain the quality and freshness of coffee, all products are processed in Hong Kong, hoping to deliver to customers with the best quality.


They use specially selected fine jacquard beans from Ethiopia, with light and medium secondary baking procedures, to show a balanced and mellow nut and wine flavor, blending to the ultimate sweet flavor. They also use a unique formula to keep effect of refreshing and concentrating. Coupled with CBD can make you feel relaxed, the whole experience is the same as feeling the Present.