VONA Earl Grey Tea 500mg CBD

VONA Earl Grey Tea 500mg CBD

充滿活力的CBD伯爵茶是清晨及日常生活的完美補充品。 當你需要深思、清醒及確立目標時,CBD伯爵茶就是你的選擇。

伯爵茶會產生一種稱為 L-茶氨酸的氨基酸,當它與 CBD 結合時,讓你產生一種平靜、專注和清醒的狀態。










適當劑量因人而異,普遍只需 1/2 茶匙即可產生顯著效果。

請注意,泡茶的時間越長,它會變得越苦。茶中使用的是水溶性CBD ,這意味著一旦它接觸到水,它就會從茶中溶解出來。



我們建議使用泡茶器,以最大限度地增加從茶葉進入系統的 CBD 量。取 1/2 茶匙茶。將 6-8 盎司 93-98˚C (200-208˚F) 的熱水倒在茶上,浸泡 1-3 分鐘以釋放茶的全部效力,浸泡 3分鐘以上會產生苦味,這視乎個人口味。




讓大麻二酚留在你的身體中,隨著時間累積,你的身體會發現它的功用。您越持續服用 CBD,您的內源性大麻素系統中的大麻素受體就越強,這是一個幫助維持體內平衡的重要系統。



Our energizing Earl Grey CBD tea blend is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Sip it as you reflect and align your intentions for the day. Earl Grey tea naturally produces an amino acid called L-theanine, which—when combined with CBD effectively—creates a calm, jitter-free state of focus and wakefulness. 


When you focus you flow.


Made in USA.


When to use -

This product was designed to be the prefect focus tea, it combines the alertness of coffee without the jitters and anxiety.


Dosage -

The proper dose needed is unique to each person. We design the tea to have noticeable effects with just one 1/2 teaspoon. Note that the longer you steep the tea the more bitter it can become. The CBD we use in our tea is water soluble, meaning that once it hits the water its dissolved off of the tea.


Steeping instructions:

We recommend using a tea infuser over a cloth tea bag to maximize the amount of CBD that will travel from the tea leaves and into your system. For our Earl Grey tea take 1/2 teaspoon of tea. Pour 6-8 ounces of hot water 93-98˚C ( 200-208˚F ) over the tea and allow to steep for 1-3 minutes to unlock the tea's full potency, steeping over 2.5 minutes will result in a bitter taste, but some people enjoy that.


Storage -

To stop degradation of the ingredients store the product in a cool dark place. Keeping it inside the box included with the product or in a tea tin away from direct sunlight.


Regiment -

Cannabis stays in your system and builds up over time because your body finds it useful. The more consistently you take CBD, and other cannabinoids, the stronger your cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system become, this is the system that helps you maintain homeostasis.

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