Olanda International CBD Oil Relaxing Formula (500mg)

Olanda International CBD Oil Relaxing Formula (500mg)

Olanda CBD產品從天然漢麻上提取,在人類身體上使用可以帶來正面的改善,尤其在消炎止痛,緩和情緒及舒緩壓力方面。MCT Oil的結合,更可加強舒緩情緒及改善身體的效果。


容量 / CBD : 30ml / 500mg

每一滴管 / CBD : 1ml / 17mg


Olanda international CBD Oil Relaxing Formula 500mg


Olanda CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. This natural and pure phytonutrient has various effects on the human body. It is especially effective in pain, inflammation and emotional relief. Combined with MCT oil, which can greatly enhance the emotional relaxation of the body.


VOLUME / CBD : 30ml / 500mg

ONE DROP / CBD : 1ml / 17mg


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