Olanda International CBD Oil Focus Formula 500mg

Olanda International CBD Oil Focus Formula 500mg


基因我們無法改變,要令身體健康,除了充足休息,亦可以從飲食著手。Olanda CBD油劑提煉自漢麻植物(火麻仁就是漢麻種子),這種天然純粹的植物營養素對人體有多種功效。紓緩情緩及壓力上特別有效。配上中鏈甘油三酸酯油(MCT Oil),能大大加強身體上情緒上的放鬆效果。

生產地: 美國



容量 / CBD : 30ml / 500mg

每一滴管 / CBD : 1ml / 17mg


Olanda International CBD Oil Focus Formula 500mg 


Urban people have a stressful life. Long hours of work make the body unable to get enough rest, resulting in various problems to our body, from muscle soreness, emotional tension, anxiety, and depression. 

We can't change our genes. But we can start with a good diet to keep our bodies healthy. Olanda CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. This natural and pure phytonutrient has various effects on the human body. It is especially effective in pain and emotional relief. Combined with MCT oil, which can greatly enhance the emotional relaxation of the body.


Suitable for people suffer under great pressure and stress.


VOLUME / CBD : 30ml / 500mg

ONE DROP / CBD : 1ml / 17mg

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