Klërly CBD Tincture 1500mg Isolate (Unflavored)

Klërly CBD Tincture 1500mg Isolate (Unflavored)

Klërly CBD Tincture是純CBD,  並且不含其他萜烯。該產品適合日常使用,由於它是無味,您可以將其添加到您最喜歡的飲料中,  從您的早晨咖啡去開始新的一天,或加到您心愛的蘇打水以在漫長的一天後放鬆。


容量 / CBD : 30ml / 1500mg

每一滴管 / CBD : 1ml / 50mg 




使用建議: 一滴管(50 毫克),  將油留在舌下 1 分鐘,然後吞下。您可以根據需要調整劑量。


This is an isolate, which means it is pure CBD and contains no other terpenes. This product is meant to be taken orally for daily use, and since it is unflavored, you can add this to your favorite drinks - from your morning coffee to kick-start the day, or to your beloved sodas to wind down after a long day.


VOLUME / CBD : 30ml / 1500mg

ONE DROP / CBD : 1ml / 50mg


Benefits: Find calm during the day to better focus or relax at night before your bed time. In this tincture form, it is most efficiently absorbed into the body.


Suggested use: One full dropper = one dose (50mg). Keep the oil under your tongue for 1 minute, then swallow. You may adjust the dosage as required.

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