Khus+Khus RASA Restorative Potion

Khus+Khus RASA Restorative Potion

RASA Restorative Potion 配方結合了適應性植物以及印度草藥和西洋神經草本植物的巨大功效, 對神經系統產生總體平衡作用, 通過多種植物化合物建立免疫功能的平衡, 這是對神經系統的溫和修復。


通過結合各種草藥, 我們可以在體內建立起更積極的方式對壓力做出反應的細胞能力, 或所謂的適應性應激反應,從本質上滿足機體在細胞水平上的需求維持健康的壓力反應,創造能力使身心平衡回到平衡狀態。


在現代世界中, 我們接觸許多毒素, 這些毒素會引起氧化, 從而損害人體細胞導致一系列失衡。我們相信我們可以依靠與大自然的聯繫來保護我們免受環境毒素的傷害。



  • 抗氧化
  • 免疫調節
  • 修復



  • 恢復
  • 鎮定
  • 放鬆
  • 散發能量



  • 100毫升/150毫克的CBD
  • 30毫升|/50毫克的CBD


This formula combines the immense power of adaptogenic plants as well as known Ayurvedic and Western nervine herbs to produce an overall balancing effect on the nervous system, assisting in establishing the balance of immune function through numerous botanical compounds. This is a gentle tonic for the nervous system.

By combining well-known and well documented herbal allies we can create the cellular capacity within the body to respond to stress in more proactive way, or what is known as adaptive stress response, essentially feeding the body what it needs on a cellular level in order to maintain a healthy stress reaction creating the ability to balance the body and mind back into equilibrium.

Because in the modern world we are exposed to many toxins, these toxins create free radicals, causing oxidative stress that can damage the body cells, leading to a range of imbalances. We believe we can rely on our connection to nature to protect us from environmental toxins.

Adaptogen, antioxidant, immunomodulator, tonic, restorative.

Restoring, calming, relaxing, dispersive of stuck energy.


100ml | 150mg CBD
30ml | 50mg CBD

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