Hempty Mind Coffee Drip Bag (15mg)

Hempty Mind Coffee Drip Bag (15mg)

分量 :一包15g/15mg CBD




  • 選用中度烘焙程度的巴西及薩爾瓦多混合咖啡豆
  • 帶給你香濃的榛子杏仁等堅果餘韻及厚實質感
  • 配合CBD後的咖啡保留了提神集中的功效,亦減輕咖啡所帶來的副作用
  • 令你可以保持愉快心情放鬆地享用


Coffee Drip bag
Quantity: 15g/15mg CBD per pack


Tear off the drip bag and hang it on the cup
Inject 150-200ml of 90 degree hot water acccording to your own taste preference.


  • Moderately roasted Brazilian and Salvadoran blended coffee beans
  • Brings you fragrant hazelnuts, almonds, other nutty aftertastes and a thick texture 
  • CBD retains the refreshing and concentration and reduces the side effects of coffee
  • Relax and Enjoy